I'm glad to hear that it was an exciting experience for you! Anime events like AniNova can be a lot of fun with great music and a lively atmosphere. If you have any more thoughts or stories to share about your experience, feel free to do so!

"This is how it is, Wadayan"


"They are welcoming otaku and beginners into the community. Kind 😊"

"The venue is shaking with the jumps of otaku."

"Otaku secretly doing MOTTO MOTTO INAMOTO."

"Abaranger!! 🦖
The first Super Sentai I watched!"

"Yotsugi-san, seriously"

I had Kenyan ramen before DJ play and filled the first floor with delicious smells. 🤤🤤🤤

"Today's skr"

"Dancing Rin-chan"

"This is the awesome ad on AniCra"


"Thank you very much to the approximately 70 guests who attended Animova 6♪ We, the staff, were delighted to have middle school students among our guests this time😊. The next event is scheduled for the latter half of May next year. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing you all again, so please do come and visit us♪"

"It's over already...
It was fun!"

"The first anime recommended by Rin Morichika is 'Elfen Lied' 😂."

"The finale was really exciting!"

"Chocolate Bancho connects Otaku."

"Pokémon is the best └(^ω^)」"

"Isn't it insanely good value to be able to eat this for 500 yen?"

"There are so many big friends!"

"The fourth act at Animova 4 is guest DJ Wakamizu-san from Oita!"

"The name of the dish sounds like something out of Dragon Quest.
Today only, we have a special extra-large lobster thermidor!"

"Animova is now in its middle stage♪
Introducing our guest DJ u-to from Kumamoto!"

"Animova has entered the second half♪
The sixth act is guest DJ Riyom from Nagasaki!"

"Animova's seventh act is guest DJ Yotsugi from Fukuoka!
The first song will start with a track inspired by Starlight Café!"

"Freshly baked pizza loaded with lots of veggies😇

"Animova's eighth act is DJ Morichika Rin, who usually supports Animova as a cosplay staff member!"

"The best"

"Only three slots left in Animova,
The final guest DJ is MUGI★ from Kagoshima!"

"Morichika-san's final act was super cute and wrapped up beautifully."

"Messee-san is funny (^ω^)"

"The venue's sweets plate and the Kenya Ramen sold next to the venue!!!!"

"Only two slots left in Animova.
Resident Katsuya-san will handle both DJing and VJing solo!"

"That's amazing."

"It seems like something you'd find in a future nursing home."

Check out the booth by the #Animova reception, featuring works from Neko ni Koban-san.
Designed to be lightweight and cosplayer-friendly."

"Isn't Yako-san's sword as tall as she is?"

"Sound check in progress〜
Since it's a wedding venue, there's even a marriage registration form ww"

"Sound check in progress…"

"Sweets have arrived🍰"

"We are open!!! (?)"

"Sonoda - Chocolate Fountain - Tomoyoko"

"Arrived at today's location"

"The venue is now open!
This is what the floor looks like from above👀"

"I've arrived at Animova〜!"

"The venue is open!
We start at 13:00!"

"Starting soon"

"It's started!!!"

"I was moved to see it in action...
Last time it wasn't operational..."

"Here we areーーー!!!!
It's my first time at Kumamoto's anime club, and
I'm already having fun!!"

"#Animova Helloー"

"You're that kind of person! 👏👏"

"It's an anime club."

"This is too amazing while bathing in the sound, my brain is melting." 

"I guess a big venue is great after all~"

"Sweets are the best!!!"

"I'm borrowing it! The quality is amazing!"

"There's pizza 🍕 and french fries on the paid food menu that everyone loves! Soft drinks are all-you-can-drink!"

"I'm already sweating a lot even though it's only the second act."


"Tequila is ready 🍸"

"Today, we have a special treat: jumbo lobster Thermidor!"

"Soaking in the music while it's mind-blowing. My brain is melting."

"Aninova, the second DJ is Jō from Miyazaki. Starting with full-on robot anime!"

I can't believe we can listen to "Resolution" with live footage. 👏

Here is the paid food's dessert plate and French toast. 🍮🍞

Time for an iron boost! 🤖 DJ Jo is here!! 🎶

"Go for it, Jyo-san! └(^ω^)┘"

This is the famous Chocolate Fountain at #Aninova (⁠ ⁠/⁠^⁠ω⁠^⁠)⁠/⁠♪⁠♪

"This is free, really? / Are you serious?"

Aninova 6 has begun! The opening act features Resident DJ skr. and VJ Katsuya!

Getting ready 🤤

Opening soon at 12:30 PM!

Potato and pizza are also available 🍕
We also have limited quantities of lobster 🦞!

Chocolate fountain.
Warming up ( ・∇・)

Tomorrow's menu seems to include Kenyan ramen, jack chicken, and chicken biryani (chicken and rice stew). Thank you in advance.

Sweets have arrived! Enjoy the delicious desserts 🍰😊

"I tried making a flyer. Thank you in advance."

"Please come for Kenyan 🇰🇪 lunch! @Ani_nova_star will have a booth from 'Favorite Kitchen,' serving Kenyan and Japanese cuisine. We will be at #Aninova tomorrow. Come and enjoy a passionate African lunch 🍽️! 'It's delicious 😋, really delicious 😋!'"

【Kumamoto Anime Club Event】
"Aninova 6"
November 19th (Sunday) from 13:00 to 19:00
Starlight Cafe Kumamoto
(7-95-3 Izumi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City)
Today is finally the day of Aninova! We've invited DJs from all over Kyushu for this event. If you're an anime enthusiast, please come to Kumamoto 🙂 #Aninova

Today, next to the reception on the first floor, the artisan "Nekonokoban" will have a booth. They will be selling accessories and illustrations, so please take a look! 😊

Today is the day! Enjoy the event! 😊